What is Adams Farm?

What is Adams Farm?

Adams Farm is made up of approximately 365 acres of town-owned land purchased as the result of an override voted in 1997 by the residents of Walpole. It also loosely includes land in private conservation trusts adjacent to the town-owned land and property owned by the New England Forestry Foundation and the Norfolk County Agricultural High School. The Friends of Adams Farm has close ties and agreements of cooperation with both of these organizations in promoting our mutual objectives. In total, this adds up to over 700 acres.

The Seasons

Adams Farm has its own special appeal during each of the four seasons. Winter offers cross-county skiing and snowshoeing, when we have snow. The arrival of spring brings the return of birds to nest on the property and the chance for hikers to catch a glimpse of the greening of the Farm with the return of warm weather (although boots may be required for some of the soggier portions of the trails at this time of year!). In summer, you can beat the heat following one of the many shaded trails through the woods or have a picnic in the pavilion. Fall is probably the most spectacular season at the Farm with the fall foliage making an impressive display.

Whatever the season, Adams Farm offers great photographic possibilities for nature lovers.

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Suggested Activities

Usage and Regulations

Enjoy your visit to Adams Farm.  It is here for your passive recreation and enjoyment.  Please help protect this property by adhering to the following regulations:

The following are strictly prohibited:

  1. Hunting & animal traps
  2. Unauthorized motorized vehicles, including but not limited to:  cars, trucks, tractors, 4-wheel-drive vehicles, any type of All-Terrain Vehicle, motorcycles, trail bikes, or snowmobiles
  3. Illegal substances of any type, as well as alcoholic beverages (unless a 1-day liquor license has been approved for an event by the Select Board)
  4. Open fires, including Grills and Fire Pits (unless granted permission by the Walpole Fire Department and, if applicable, the Board of Health)
  5. Use of firearms, other weapons, explosives, or projectiles (unless approved by the Walpole Police Department)
  6. Dumping & littering (please carry out what you carry in)
  7. Disturbing, removing, cutting, or otherwise causing damage to a natural feature, sign, trail markers, poster, barrier, building or other property
  8. Damage to crops and/or fields used for agricultural purposes
  9. Camping (unless granted permission by appropriate Town officials)
  10. Conduct which disturbs the tranquility of Adams Farm, our neighbors’ privacy, or enjoyment of this property by others, and any illegal action under the law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or Walpole by-law

The following uses are permitted:

  1. Dog walking.  Dogs must be leashed at all times.  Ensure that your pet does not interfere with others’ enjoyment of the property. Owners must pick up any waste left by their animals.
  2. Mountain biking.  Mountain bikes are permitted on designated trails, except during March, April and/or in wet conditions when extensive deterioration of the trails can result.  Group rides of 6 or more require written permission from the Walpole Board of Selectmen via the Adams Farm Committee.
  3. Horseback riding. Group rides of 6 or more require written permission from the Walpole Select Board via the Adams Farm Committee.
  4. Cross country skiing.
  5. Group Activities.  Any other organized group activities require approval by the Adams Farm Committee and the Walpole Board of Selectmen. Click here for Application for Use form.

While in the woods, please adhere to posted instructions regarding private property. 

Visitors are welcome, but with the understanding that they use the area at their own risk and that they will comply with all of the above regulations.  Whosoever disregards or violates any of these regulations is hereby forbidden to remain upon these premises and is subject to arrest, a fine not to exceed $100.00, as well as civil liability for damages to property and imprisonment as provided by law.  The Town of Walpole cannot assume responsibility for injuries or loss of personal property.  

Thank you for your cooperation.

Adams Farm Committee
Walpole Town Hall
Per order of the Walpole Select Board