The Community Garden at Adams Farm

The Community Garden at Adams Farm

“I've had such a great time at Adams Farm.  I love coming out there at about 6:30am and watching the wind whip through the grass as I park the car and the sun rises.  Working the soil in the morning or whacking the weeds on Friday morning are my "outside times". . . . You should have seen me yell at the first strawberry sighting!”

In the spring of 2009, the Community Garden opened at Adams Farm.  All 32 plots were rented by local gardeners eager to plant their first crops.  Since then, the Garden has doubled in size to 64 plots, and the gardeners’ enthusiasm has only increased, as evidenced by their flourishing plots of vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

For a modest rental fee, gardeners can rent a 20×20-foot plot in the Community Garden, which is surrounded by a perimeter fence to keep animals out.  The rental fee includes access to water and compost for mulching.  Gardeners may rent a full plot or split a plot with a friend.  Organic gardening only is allowed; no pesticides, weed killers, or chemical fertilizers may be used.  As an added bonus, the Community Garden boasts a bee yard, complete with two beehives, and gardeners organize a Winter Seed Swap to exchange flower, vegetable, and herb seeds.

Gardeners work individually and in small teams to perform various maintenance tasks in the Garden such as watering, composting, aisle weeding, and hose and cart repair.  The gardeners also organize several potluck suppers during the summer for friends and family.  Click here for the regulations and guidelines for the Community Garden, as well as FAQs and information on the committees and work teams at the Garden.

Opening Day for the Community Garden is on or about May 1, and gardeners have until early June to begin planting.  Any plots not planted by then will be reassigned to those on the waiting list.  On Closing Day in early November, all gardeners must have cleaned their plots down to the soil, except for those gardeners who want to extend use of their plots over the winter.  Gardeners wishing to overwinter must complete a registration form and pay their registration fee for the coming year by Closing Day.  All other returning gardeners must complete a registration form and pay their registration fee by December 31.

Registration for new gardeners who would like to obtain a plot in the Garden opens on January 1.  Plots will be assigned on a first come, first served basis starting with those on the waitlist from the previous year, followed by new applications received after January 1 of the current year. Click here for the Community Garden registration form.

The Garden and all it produces are a great benefit to all the gardeners, but the friendships, the sense of community, and the peace so many find when they are working in the Community Garden are what make it such a special place.