Adams Farm FAQs

Adams Farm FAQs

1. When is Adams Farm open? 
Adams Farm is open daily from dawn until dusk.

2. Do you have maps available at the Farm? 
Yes, maps of Adams Farm are available in the map box on the kiosk at Adams Farm and on the Adams Farm website.

3. How many trails are there for hiking or mountain biking?
There are 5 main trails marked in blue, yellow, orange, red and white on the Adams Farm trail map, as well as numerous trails marked with dotted red lines.

4. How hard are the trails for hiking or mountain biking?
The trails offer varying degrees of difficulty.  The easiest trails are the Dave Lehto Memorial Trail, the Monarch Trail, and the Blue Trail.

5. Are dogs allowed at Adam Farm?
Yes, dogs are allowed at Adams Farm but must be kept on-leash.

6. Are the barn and pavilion available to rent? 
Yes. More rental information can be found on the Application for Use found on the Adams Farm website.

7. Are the Farm and its buildings handicapped-accessible? 
The barn and the pavilion are handicapped-accessible.  The section of the Blue Trail that leads from the parking lot to the back field is also handicapped-accessible. 

8. Are water and electricity available at Adams Farm? 
Electricity is available in the barn and pavilion year-round.  Water is available from May 1st to November 1st.

9. What is the Butterfly Garden? 
The Butterfly Garden is a garden adjacent to the pavilion and the Community Garden that features trees, shrubs and perennials that attract butterflies.

10. What is the Community Garden and how can I reserve a plot in it? 
The Community Garden is an organic garden adjacent to the Butterfly Garden made up of 64 20’x20’ plots.  Information on renting a plot in the Community Garden can be found on the Adams Farm website.

11. What if I get lost or hurt on the trails? 
Various points on the trails are marked with numbers that appear on the Adams Farm trail map.  If you get lost or hurt, look on nearby trees for a number that will help you determine where you are.  You can then call 911 and let them know where you are at the Farm.

12. How do I report a problem at Adams Farm? 
Problems at Adams Farm can be reported by emailing

13. Who owns Adams Farm and who pays for maintenance? 
The Town of Walpole owns Adams Farm and it is managed by the Adams Farm Committee. Maintenance is paid for with fees paid to the Adams Farm Committee for rentals of the barn and pavilion and Community Garden plots, and with membership fees and other donations made to the Friends of Adams Farm.

14. What is the Adams Farm Committee and how can I serve on it? 
The Adams Farm Committee is a 7-member committee appointed by the Walpole Select Board to manage the Adams Farm property.  To serve on the Adams Farm Committee, a letter must be submitted to the Walpole Select Board describing your interest in becoming an Adams Farm Committee member.

15. What is the Friends of Adams Farm and how can I become a member? 
The Friends of Adams Farm, Inc. is a fundraising organization governed by a 9-member Board of Directors that raises money to pay for the maintenance and enhancement of Adams Farm.  Information on joining the Friends of Adams Farm can be found on the Adams Farm website and in the map box on the kiosk at Adams Farm.

16. How can I become a member of the Friends of Adams Farm Board of Directors? 
For information on becoming a director on the Friends of Adams Farm Board, email

17. How can I volunteer to help at Adams Farm? 
To volunteer at Adams Farm, email  We’ll add your name and email address to our Volunteer List and contact you when we need volunteer help.

18. How can I learn about upcoming events to help support Adams Farm? 
A partial list of events currently scheduled at Adams Farm can be found on the home page of the Adams Farm website.  A complete list of events can be found on the Adams Farm Event Calendar page of the website and is also posted in the kiosk at Adams Farm.