Short Woods Loop

Short Woods Loop

For a shorter hike in the woods than the hour-long Blue Trail loop, you can combine portions of the White and Red Trails to make a short loop through the woods that takes about 35-40 minutes.

From the parking lot, follow the Blue Trail for about 10 minutes, entering the woods and passing the Orange Trail on the left.  After passing a bench on the right, you’ll reach the point where the White Trail crosses the Blue Trail at #106.

The White Trail crosses the Blue Trail at #106.

From the Blue Trail, turn right onto the White Trail.  The path heads downhill, traversing a rocky area reminiscent of a dry stream bed, the roughest spot on the trail.  The path then bends to the left and uphill, winding through low undergrowth.  In a few minutes you’ll reach #213.  Turn right, following the path uphill to the left.  The trail doubles back on itself, then heads uphill again to the right over another rocky stretch.  The trail continues to meander through the woods for about 5 minutes until you reach #221 where the White and Red Trails merge briefly. Turn left, go up the hill, and bear left at the fork (#222) to stay on the Red Trail.

Follow the White trail to the left and uphill at #221.
The Red and White Trails split at #222. Bear left to follow the Red Trail to the Blue Trail.

A short distance later the Red Trail ends at the Blue Trail (#201).  Turn left onto the Blue Trail and follow it back to the parking lot.