Half-Hour Hike

If you’re short on time, you can take a quick half-hour hike through the woods by combining portions of the White and Orange Trails with the Blue Trail.

From the parking lot, follow the Blue Trail for about 10 minutes.  Heading into the woods, you’ll pass the Orange Trail on the left and a bench on the right.  Turn left onto the White Trail where it crosses the Blue Trail at #106.

The trail leads uphill and turns right, then splits at a fallen tree trunk.  Follow the path on the left to stay on the White Trail.

The trail next makes a U-turn to the left and then another U-turn to the right around a large boulder.  Continue to follow the trail as it heads uphill to the left, watching out for large roots that crisscross the path.  The trail soon levels out, meandering through low undergrowth.

After about 5 minutes you’ll reach #132 where the White Trail meets the Orange Trail.  Turn left here to take the Orange Trail.

The White Trail meets the Orange Trail at #132.

Follow the trail as it leads gradually downhill and turns left, past a tree on the right sporting a large, rounded growth.

Rocks on the path give way to roots once again, and about 5 minutes later you’ll find yourself in a small clearing in the woods.  Follow the trail across the clearing and downhill to where the Orange Trail ends at the Blue Trail (#104).  Turn right onto the Blue Trail and follow it back to the parking lot.