A walk along the Blue Trail at Adams Farm

A wonderful hike at Adams Farm for newcomers and seasoned hikers alike is the Blue Trail.  Requiring about an hour, the trail begins at the metal gate next to the information kiosk and takes you on a circular loop through the back field.  The humming of cicadas fills the air as you follow the gravel road away from the barn.  You may see sparrows, robins, blue jays, and red-winged blackbirds winging by, and spot butterflies and chipmunks as well.  Many birds are nesting in the birdhouses which flank the gravel road.  Further down, two benches are located on either side of the road, inviting you to stop for a moment to take in the beautiful view.

Continuing down the road to enter the wooded section of the trail, you will pass a third bench with a trail going off to the right.  This marks the spot where the Blue Trail loop begins, and you may either continue straight ahead or turn right onto the trail by the bench.  If you choose to go straight on, the road will take you past orange-and-white trail markers (a hike for another day!) to the back field which feels far removed from the hustle and bustle of civilization.

Following the trail along the right edge of the back field, you may notice a little black snake slither into hiding, chipmunks running for cover, and many, many birds soaring overhead.  Re-entering the woods at the back right corner of the field, the Blue Trail meets up with New England Forestry land.  At this point the trail joins an old cart path, formerly used to travel between Dedham and Medfield, which is deeply worn with many tree roots and rocks sporadically protruding from it.  Keep a close eye on the ground on this section of the trail to avoid tripping!

Passing an old stone wall on the left, you will come upon two areas where sections cut from fallen trees form stepping stones over wet areas in the trail that have since dried up in the summer heat.  At this point, you will have been hiking for about 30 minutes.  Further along you will come upon a path that leads to a beautiful white gate.  Bear to the right here, as this is private property, and continue to bear right at the next fork in the trail, watching for blue paint marks on trees or blue metal wedges approximately 2” x 5” nailed to trees that mark the Blue Trail.  The path narrows and eventually comes out of the woods near the bench mentioned earlier, the perfect spot for a rest.

To finish up your hike, turn left onto the gravel road, and a short walk will bring you back within sight of the barn.  Minutes later you will be at the metal gate once again, ready to plan your next hike at Adams Farm!

Trail maps of the Farm are available here and at the kiosk next to the barn for those who would like to go hiking at the Farm.

Trail Photos