Benches With A View

If you’d like to escape to a quiet spot with a great view, we’ve got just the place.  There are two strategically-placed benches at Adams Farm, donated by Dr. Gordon Goodband in memory of his wife Margaret, that offer an escape from life’s everyday hustle and bustle.

Many of you have probably already noticed one of the benches, which is located under a large pine tree at the back of the field behind the barn.  To get to this bench, follow the cart path until you reach the woods, turn right through the fence at the Dogipot dispenser, and head for the large pine tree.  If you enjoy water features, take a quick detour by turning right as you enter the field, and follow the trail down to the vernal pool.  During the warmer months, the pool is teeming with iridescent dragonflies and elusive little green frogs.

If shorter hikes are more your speed, the other bench is located just off the other side of the cart path.  Turn left before entering the woods, and the bench will be just a few steps in front of you, hidden behind some tall plants.  Take a short (or long!) break here and you’ll be rewarded with a view of rolling fields stretching all the way back to North Street.  The remains of a stone wall and wooden fence border the far edge of the fields and tall trees almost completely block the cart path, providing a wonderful feeling of solitude.

For a special treat, come in the early morning when the mist is rising off the fields!

Trail Photos