Adams Farm Events Calendar

Below is a list of the times and dates of all the events currently scheduled at Adams Farm. If you’re interested in holding an event at the Farm, click on the link to the Application for Use at the top of this page. Please keep in mind that since Adams Farm is a town-owned property, you should allow at least 6 weeks for events to be approved by the Adams Farm Committee and the Board of Selectmen.

August 22 noon – 3pm Music in the Barn
30 8am – 5pm Barn Burner Bike Race (setup August 29)
September 5 1 – 7pm Rodriguez Event
12 1 – 5pm Jenks Wedding
19 10am – 3pm Pita and Punch Church Get-Together
October 24 12 noon to 4pm Young Life Walk-a-thon
31 2 – 6pm Golden Opportunities Dog Dash Fundraiser
November 1 TBD Community Garden Closing Day